Ronda Michell and Robert Del Tedesco

The fish you smoked in the new smoker was cooked extremely well and the flavour was very delicate, not too salty and wonderfully moist.

The sausage and chicken were also done to perfection being moist and very tasty. I have tried other smoked products before but have found some to be too salty and others to be very dry or the smokey flavour to be overpowering. Your products have found the total balance for a great taste with a tender, moist and subtle flavour.

Thank you for a delicious smoked BBQ Feast

From Heinz Schaeffer Bremen Germany:

I finally built the smoke house to smoke my eels. I did 24 at once and used the brine recipe in your book. They came out perfect - just like from a restaurant and only for a quarter of the price.

I am very happy with the results so far. Next I am going to try the spare ribs.

From David Mattiazzo, Melbourne:

Hello Claus - just to let you know I built the smoker using galvanized metal panels I got from an air-conditioning ducting manufacturer which saved me a bit of money as they have lots of off cuts.

It was fun putting it together in my workshop. I made some bacon the other day - it is as good as pancetta and fries really nice and crisp too.

Hi Claus

Yes we have built a smoke oven to your plans. We managed to get hold of an old steam cabinet that had been used to steam clean engineering tools and equipment so we had an airtight unit with virtually perfect dimensions to start off with. It only cost us 40 to purchase it so it was a fantastic find.

Using your diagrams we've put together the shelves and the wood trays and the ventilation. We also managed to get hold of a brand new exhaust unit from a lorry, that we found in a local scrap yard for 5, and this has made a brilliant chimney for the smoker We've found a company who supply all the wood for it and we've had a go with the beech dust although we're having problems keeping the oak alight. We wondered if that was as a result of too little ventilation so we tried to get the oak smouldering outside - this still hasn't worked so we'll probably have to mix it with the beech to be able to use it. Should be an interesting mix of flavours though!

I'm also frantically planting herbs - rosemary, lavender etc - as we plan to use some of these too to enhance the flavours We've found that whenever we mention to friends that we have a smoke oven everyone wants to bring meat and fish round to put in it so it will probably end up being a communal oven.

We've shown lots of people the oven and people are amazed at how easy it is to build one given that they cost around 1000 to buy for the size of oven we have.

The book we bought from you really helped - we didn't know where to start until we'd read it but then it was so simple to put together anyone could do it.

We were really glad to have recipes too as when you're new to smoking you're never sure how long to smoke things for, what you can actually put in there and how to brine it beforehand. We intend to cold smoke mainly as the food keeps much longer afterwards and we're hoping to do fish, meat and cheese all at the same time. We already have orders from friends for smoked hams for Christmas - at this rate we could have a little cottage industry going!

Thank you for the recipe for ribs - we'll be giving this one a go soon

Gill ,
Oxfordshire United Kingdom

Hi Claus

I enjoyed your Holmesglen TAFE "smoking" course very much on the weekend
and I would like to take up your offer of get the latest version of your
course notes.

Could you please email the notes to me via this email

Thank you .. hoping to hear from you soon.


Lance Renyi
Class attendee - Holmesglen TAFE, Saturday 14th Feb 2009

Hi Claus

Thanks for such an informative session on Saturday morning at  
Holmesglen..I really enjoyed it.

I am keen to get started on this and look forward to receiving the  
updated e-book.

Thanks once again,

Gareth Threlkeld.

Good Afternoon Claus,

I was one of your students in your recent home smoking class.  I enjoyed every second of it.  Your way of sharing your knowledge was extremely good.
I am sorry that I have not e-mailed before this. My excuse is that I have been very busy at work (Aust.Fed.Police) and have been trying to remember to e-mail you every day.  So today is the day.

I write to ask if it is still possible to get an e-book copy of your course notes?  I would like the updated recipes.

Thank you once again for a very good course.
Kind regards

Maureen Hay

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