Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What's the best way to find the temperature inside the smoker?
A. There is a temperature gauge on the outside of the door, but it is not always accurate. There fore I use a jam thermometer available from any kitchen supply store - but of course it must be stainless steel. However the outside temperature gauge can be used once you know the inside temperature, and make allowances and it stops you from opening the door too often.

Q. How to smoke on a windy day?
A. Move your smoker into a wind shade or put something around the smoker at about 5 feet distance away from smoker - not too close. Otherwise the wind will get into the firebox reducing the consistency of the smoke and fire.

Q. How much does it cost to build your smoker?
A. I recommend galvanised metal or stainless steel, but you don't need to buy this new. Left overs from the construction of airconditioning ducting, or stainless steel panels from other appliances. It is important that you build the smoker to the correct dimensions though,in accordance with my plan.

Q. Can I smoke fish and chicken at the same time?
A. Yes provided as long as you go through the drying process before hot smoking. This is because you can smoke fish cold but you can't smoke chicken cold.

Q. Can I smoke bacon and sausages at the same time?
A. Yes - bacon is smoked over a period of 8 to 12 hours. Sausages don't need this length of time, but they both smoke at the same temperature so it's no problem to smoke them together.

Q. How much skill is needed to build a smoker?
A. Once you have the panels cut you need to be competent to use a pop rivet gun and there is some spot welding putting the frame together. The steps are fully illustrated in drawings and pictures.

Q. How many pounds of ribs or bacon can I put in the smoker at one time?
A. If you trim them properly you can smoke 12 sides of bacon at 4 pounds each with no problem.
Make sure they don't touch each other though.

Q. Can I pay you direct by Visa Or Master card ?
A. No! But you can do the transaction through Pay Pal

Q. I live in Australia Can I pay in AUD$?
A. Yes! as we live in the same country I accept EFT. in AUD$ please contact me for details.

Q. I Purchased your book, how long does it take till I receive it .It will be sent by post or email?
A. My Book is in e-book format and will be sent to you as an attachment within 24 hours after your purchase.

Q. How big is your Smoker how much meat can I smoke in one batch?
A. The smoke oven is designed for hot and cold smoking and is big enough to smoke over 40 pounds [20kg] of bacon at one time. The plans are fully illustrated in detail with drawings, photos and step by step instructions on how to build the smoker and produce perfect smoked products.

Q. Itís a week now after I purchased you book but I have not received it yet?
A. Please make sure that you supply the correct email address when you purchase and that your filters are set correctly so my e-book doesnít end up in your junk mail box.

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