Seared Encrusted Smoked Tenderloin Carpaccio

Friday 30th of November 2007 From Claus Ernst

Growing up in Germany, Christmas for me was very traditional, with a light dinner on Christmas Eve, followed by present opening at 8pm sharp! On Christmas day lunch was the traditional meal, roast goose, braised red cabbage, dumplings, roasted vegetables and afterwards little tarts and steamed puddings all with lashings of cream and custard. Delicious!

But now I live in the southern hemisphere, and in a warm climate this type of eating is too heavy and Australians are on holidays, at the beach or camping, and celebrate with lighter fare - and they make good use of their BBQ. This doesn't mean that Christmas lunch is boring - far from it - with plenty of fresh seafood and wonderful fruits and berries. This year we are serving Smoked Tenderloin Carpaccio to compliment our lunch of fresh oysters prawns and lobster.

This delicious dish is easy to prepare and only takes 2 hours of cold smoking. Read my favourite recipe for Smoked Tenderloin Carpaccio in my e-book.

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