Home Smoked Gourmet Meats
without artificial colouring and un-natural preservatives

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Discover the most inexpensive way to build a professional Smoke Oven in your very own backyard within a weekend that will give you years of mouth watering enjoyment!

FINALLY traditional meat smoking secrets have been revealed for making the best smoked goods you will ever taste.

If you have come to this website, you want to know how to create your very own smoke oven. Not only is there an art to building one, it is crucial to get it to the right specifications. It's essential to build your smoker to the right dimensions so that you get perfectly cooked product every time.

I have also included classic & unique recipes for smoking meats as well as many unique recipes that have been tried, tested and proven to be the talking point of many bbq's and family meals.

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Includes complete plans for building your own smoke oven in 10 easy steps.There's no comparison in taste between mass produced bacon and my delicious home smoked bacon!

Meat Smoking Recipes

Smoked Fish

How To Smoke

Learn the art of smoking fish - perfect every time
- moist and delicious!

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Smoked Bacon

How To Smoke

Making your own bacon with a special brine to enhance the flavour and without using un- natural preservatives.

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Famous Beef

Famous Beef And Pork Spare Ribs

Believe it or not, this dish is available on the menu of a 4 star restaurant. This is their best selling dish.

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Smoked Carpaccio

Seared Encrusted Smoked Carpaccio

1kg 2 pounds eye fillet of beef tenderloin centre cut coated with a mixture of freshly ground fresh herbs and spices.

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How To Build A Meat Smoker

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History of Smoking
Smoke Oven drawings
How to build a Smoker
Resources, what you need for smoking
Starting the fire
How to smoke fish
Hot smoking and cold smoking

Preparing your fish
Preparing a brine
My brine recipe for fish
Smoking times for hot and cold smoking
How to make bacon
Bacon brine, wet cure
Preparing bacon for smoking
Sources of wood for smoking

My favourite recipe for smoked sausages
Wood fired baked bread
Smoked beef and pork spare ribs
My recipe for making deer ham
Seared encrusted smoked Tenderloin Carpaccio
How to smoke treats for your pets
Making German Sausages
How to fill Sausages

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